Freshpet Killed My Dog: Unveiling the Truth

While dogs can enjoy many foods, it’s important to be cautious with new treats, especially considering incidents like “Freshpet Killed My Dog.Banana peppers are generally safe, but it’s wise to introduce them slowly and watch for any reactions. This ensures your dog can enjoy treats without any potential side effects from specific pet foods.

Can Freshpet Kill My Dog?

In this article addressing the tragic experience of “Freshpet Killed My Dog,” we will explore the implications of dogs consuming products from Freshpet and the potential impact on their health.

We’ll delve into the details of the unfortunate incidents and strive to understand why these products caused harm to dogs.

Is Freshpet Safe for Dogs?

For dogs with grain allergies or needing lower protein, Freshpet Select’s grain-free recipes are a good fit. They include ingredients like potato, pea protein, and spinach, serving as great alternative protein sources.

To take action, report your experience to the manufacturer and regulatory agencies. Sharing your story online can spread awareness and prompt others to check for recalls before feeding similar products to their pets.

Though losing Jax is heartbreaking, your efforts can prevent others from facing the same tragedy.

How Long Is Freshpet Dog Food Good For Animals?

Freshpet dog food stays fresh for up to 10 days in the fridge once opened. Remember to keep it chilled at all times and toss any leftovers after 10 days.

Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients and no artificial preservatives, Freshpet needs refrigeration to prevent spoilage. So, keep it cool and your pup will enjoy every bite!

If you are unsure whether or not your Freshpet dog food has gone bad, you can check for the following signs:

  1. Smell: Freshpet dog food should have a fresh, meaty smell. If the food smells sour or off, it has likely gone bad and should be discarded.
  2. Texture: Freshpet dog food should be firm and moist. If the food is slimy or watery, it has likely gone bad and should be discarded.
  3. Color: Freshpet dog food should be a natural brown or tan color. If the food is discolored, it has likely gone bad and should be discarded.

If you notice any of these signs, it is best to err on the side of caution and discard the food.

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Why Freshpet Killed My Dog?

Freshpet has not been definitively linked to the death of any dogs. However, there have been several reports of dogs getting sick after eating Freshpet food. Symptoms of Freshpet-related illness in dogs can include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite. In some cases, dogs have even died after eating Freshpet food.

Here are some possible reasons why Freshpet food could make your dog sick:

  • Listeria contamination
  • Spoilage
  • Allergies

How Much Freshpet to Feed My Dog?

The amount of Freshpet you should feed your dog depends on their age, weight, and activity level. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should feed your dog about 2-3% of their body weight in Freshpet food per day.

For example, if your dog weighs 20 pounds, you should feed them about 0.4-0.6 pounds of Freshpet food per day.

You can divide this amount into two or three meals per day. It is important to monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the amount of food you are feeding them accordingly.

Here is a more detailed feeding guide from Freshpet:

Puppy Feeding Guide

  • Puppies 3-6 months old: 2-3% of body weight per day
  • Puppies 6-12 months old: 1.5-2% of body weight per day

Adult Dog Feeding Guide

  • Adult dogs 1-7 years old: 1.5-2% of body weight per day
  • Adult dogs 7+ years old: 1-1.5% of body weight per day

Senior Dog Feeding Guide

  • Senior dogs 10+ years old: 0.5-1% of body weight per day

It is important to note that these are just general guidelines. You should always adjust the amount of food you are feeding your dog based on their individual needs.

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Is Freshpet Good for Dogs?

Freshpet is generally considered to be a good dog food because it is made with fresh, whole ingredients and does not contain any artificial preservatives. However, there are some potential drawbacks to feeding your dog Freshpet food.

Pros of Freshpet Dog Food:

  • Made with fresh, whole ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives
  • A variety of flavors and recipes are available
  • Convenient and easy to feed

Cons of Freshpet Dog Food:

  • More expensive than some other dog foods
  • Can be difficult to find in some stores
  • May not be suitable for dogs with certain allergies or sensitivities

Freshpet is a high-quality dog food crafted from wholesome ingredients, making it a healthy choice for your furry friend. However, it’s crucial to consider both the benefits and potential drawbacks before making a decision about feeding it to your dog.

Here are some additional things to consider when feeding your dog Freshpet food:

  • Your dog’s individual needs: Some dogs may be allergic to certain ingredients in Freshpet food, so it is important to read the label carefully and to monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.
  • Your budget: Freshpet food is more expensive than some other dog foods, so it is important to factor this into your budget.
  • Your dog’s preferences: Some dogs may not like the taste of Freshpet food, so it is important to introduce it gradually and to see how your dog responds.

If you are considering feeding your dog Freshpet food, it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian first to make sure that it is the right choice for your pet.

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What is the difference between Freshpet and Freshpet vital?

Freshpet Vital is a specialized line of dog food crafted with fresh, wholesome ingredients, perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs. It’s grain-free and free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Unlike regular Freshpet, Vital contains a limited number of ingredients, tailored specifically for sensitive stomachs. Plus, it’s loaded with probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system. So, if your furry friend needs some extra TLC for their tummy, Freshpet Vital is the way to go!

Here is a table that compares the two products:

FeatureFreshpetFreshpet Vital
Made with fresh, whole ingredientsYesYes
No artificial flavors, colors, or preservativesNoYes
Designed for dogs with sensitive stomachsNoYes

If you are looking for dog food that is made with fresh, whole ingredients and is specifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs, then Freshpet Vital is a good option.


This Article (Freshpet Killed My Dog) contains essential information. We are not a veterinarian but we have Pet Dietary professionals. If your Dog discloses any indication of ailment, call your veterinarian.

Bear in mind that every Dog is Different, and if you have any worries regarding your Canine’s Health or practices, do not wait to seek specialist recommendations from your veterinarian.

If you want more Knowledge about Pet Behavior (Cats & Dogs), visit our Blog Section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Freshpet Dad for Dogs?

Freshpet is not necessarily bad for dogs, but there are some potential risks associated with feeding it to your pet, including Listeria contamination, spoilage, and allergies.

What is the issue with Freshpet?

Freshpet has been linked to several cases of Listeria contamination and dog food poisoning.

What are the side effects of Freshpet?

The most common side effects of Freshpet dog food are vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite. In some cases, dogs have even died after eating Freshpet food.

Which popular dog food brand has poisoned and killed thousands of dogs?

No one popular dog food brand has poisoned and killed thousands of dogs, but Sportmix and Ol’ Roy have been linked to several cases of dog food poisoning.

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